Friday, April 28, 2017

Making time for fries

I've been busy this month with lots of extra jobs. As a result, I haven't made time for sketching. One day, I did have some extra time when I was in town and saw a sign that said "Curly French Fries". Oh, aggressive marketing... you win again! So I sat at a table with a street view and did this one.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

I Sketched People Sketching

With so many good places to sketch and interesting people to meet our weekend in New Plymouth was perfect! 

I really like to sketch people, but I don't do it often as I think people may get uncomfortable with me staring at them, but fellow sketchers should be ok with it, right?
After filling the page I still managed to find an empty corner and add a sketch of "the photo".

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Govett-Brewster Art Gallery | Len Lye Centre

I was in New Plymouth two weeks ago for the Urban Sketchers Weekend.  It was a most enjoyable weekend.  Great to meet other sketchers and check out New Plymouth and all it has to offer, which is quite a lot as it happens.

The view of the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery and adjoining shiny stainless steel Len Lye Centre in New Plymouth.  Drawn from under the veranda of the White Hart Hotel.  I really loved the new Len Lye Centre, the architecture and the contents.

Eileen and Andrew (in the distance) drawing the gallery as well.

Visitors inside the gallery watching the weird and wonderful Len 
Lye kinetic sculptures.

Friday, March 17, 2017

New Plymouth Sketch Weekend

Prohibition, where we all had a meal on the first night.  Mario's sketch includes the right hand building.

Clock tower where people were gathering for the Multi Ethnic Parade

My mum joined us when we sketched in Pukekura Park

Thursday, March 16, 2017

New Plymouth Sketch Weekend

What a great couple of days! Thanks so much for all the organisation.

Len Lye and Pukekura Park on Saturday

 Joes Garage, Saturday Evening
 Ice Cream Truck at the Seaside Market, and the view out our dining room window after I got home.

Taranaki Multi-Ethnic Parade

I didn't plan on drawing the Taranaki Multi-Ethnic Parade. I came down to see it and was just going to draw the New Plymouth clock tower as I waited for it to start. When people started to wave the flags around though, I decided to include the crowd that was growing, just before the start of it.
When the parade was finished, I was still drawing and some of the groups were now walking back to the start area where, I guess, their cars were. On the sidewalk, there was a group of Irish kids together with some Chinese kids, both in national costume. Proud mums were taking photos of the multicultural bunch who was having a good ol' time. They were just having fun and not noticing that what they were doing was actually the whole point of the event.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Picturing Politics

Attended an interesting talk last night at Auckland University. Steve Bell, the well known Guardian political cartoonist is in residence as the Hood Fellow. What a great opportunity to get up close with a cartooning legend. I've always enjoyed viewing Bell's often outrageous cartoons whenever I stumble across them. (Take a look at his cartoons here if you aren't familiar with his work).

It was a panel talk, along with kiwi cartooning legends Sharon Murdoch and Chris Slane. It was really interesting to learn a little of the thought process behind their work, a little bit of the practicalities of the job - things that have always intrigued me. Aucklanders can check out his exhibition and talk later this week here.

I had a go at quickly capturing them as they talked. I think Chris and Sharon look almost right, but Steve looks either curmudgeonly or demonic depending which sketch you look at — and neither of those descriptions would be true!